Historically, many comunities all around the world took nomadism as their way of life. Was not a chosen and rational decision, but it was the way to survive, escaping from extrem weather conditions and following animals to hunt and proper lands to cultivate.

With time, with improved land treatment, the industrialization and the importation / exportation systems, most of the countries of the self called "First World" have become sedentary. This sedentarism has been positive for the so-called evolution of the human race in many aspects. It has allowed us to develop our abilities in a very specific way and has helped in creating an apparent stable and safe society. But it many others, sedentarism and stability has turned against our evolution and wellbeing, transforming theatrical freedom to chains to the system that surround us. Chains we help to create and from which, ultimately, we can not escape.

But still today, wide communities all around the world keep having a nomadic lifestyle. Normally, they still do it for the same reasons that they did it hundreds of years ago, looking for hunting grounds or water, escaping from the cold or the heat, or driving their domestic animals where they would be optimally fed. Those communities, however, are still located in the whole, in underdeveloped countries, and once again its more of a imposed lifestyle than an election.

In the industrialized world, where growing economical resources and our privileged access to education would theoretically allow us to choose a lifestyle of our own choice, we see that our lives and the lives of those around us are influenced daily by the worst aspects of the behaviours of our sedentary society: the no-sense accumulation of goods, an exaggerated individualism and an unsatisfying routine that we assume with resignation. Everything has the sensation that, though we are better educated, are richer and we have far more facilities, our level of happiness and the purpose in our lives is under a serious crisis.

Doubting routine

The problem is that we have always been taught that the purpose of our life is to buy a house, study a career, get a job that brings home a good salary to allow us enjoy the maximum comfort, the best car and the best gadgets, create a family and bring our children to the best (and most expensive) schools.

But today, it seems that everybody has this objective. Studying in the university is no longer a guarantee to find a good job, because everybody has studied in the university. Everybody can buy a house, if they don't mind to spend all their lives paying for it. Some lucky people find jobs that not just give them a good salary, but are also satisfactory. But the most of us, why deny it, are in jobs just to get the good salary, that we can use to accumulate (and quickly replace) material goods, new technology items, tens of clothes, unused decoration stuff and lots of toys for our children not to play with.

And every week we do more or less the same. In the weekends we maybe go out a little bit, spending some extra money, many times in the big malls, in all those shops and chains popular around the world and where everybody shops. At the end of the day, after work, and as a system, we sit down in front of the (flatscreen) TV, without even minding about what's on it, to spend there our leisure time until is time to go to bed. And tomorrow will be another day.

When I speak to people about the things that I do and the trips that I plan, invariably, and everywhere, there always pop sentences like "Oh! I am so jealous... I would really love to do what you do!". But when I say "that's very easy... do it!", everybody goes back inbetween excuses of the job, the family or something else. And the fact is that many people, many more than the ones that are actually doing, would like to break some of these ties to start a more adventurous life, a little bit aside of the system and, why not, pursuing something more fulfilling. And I honestly understand that is not easy, to take the step and throw yourself to the unknown. And this is why I am making this website, to see how easy it can be and how many people have already done it with varying degrees of satisfaction.

Obviously, there are a lot more ways to escape the oppressive routine of today’s society. All of them are valid and I invite you to talk about them in our forum. However, in this page we will focus on how to successfully achieve an economically sustainable nomadic lifestyle.

Opening your mind

One of the big problems of the modern society, under our point of view, is the absolute ignorance and intolerance towards other cultures and traditions. And the worst of all is that we base our opinions on what the TV says or in word of mouth jokes and anecdotes, but most of us don't bother to verify our prejudices in real life.

Here we strongly believe that a better travelled society, with greater interest in knowing and understanding other cultures, would work smoother and, without much effort, would quickly erase many of the prejudices that tie down our social evolution.

And lastly

When we encourage you to become a nomad, we don't mean that we are asking you to leave all behind forever, and never again live in the western world. We just want to shake the society and its premises a little bit, and we believe that this is one way to do it. To renounce some of this 'luxury' that we supposedly have and think about a new priorities scale, economically, humanly and socially.

There are many ways to do that, and one of them is through what we suggest in this site. But even that can be done in many different ways, from leaving for some months, to leave from some years. You have to choose yours, and we just expect that you can find here some ideas that can be useful.

This page, as all the other ones, is permanently under construction. If you have information that may be relevant to increase its usefulness, please tell us using the contact page. Thank you!

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