All we are talking about in this page hasn't been discovered by us, and is not anything new. Many people around the world are already living a successfully nomadic lifestyle, and each of them made their own way, depending on their circumstances, intentions, skills and philosophy. All of them are equally valid and representative of what we want to show in this website: that if you want it, you can also do it.

Here we are showing just some websites from people who are creating their own lifestyle around the world. Some for long periods of time, others for shorter ones, there are all interesting to read, as interesting as the people who write them. There are many more, and maybe this is also yours. If you want us to include your website here, just send us the link using our contact form, and if it matches the topic, you will be in as soon as possible.

¡No pasaran!

The editors of are a Belgian couple with a child. They are spending a year travelling around Asia and while travel writing for Belgian magazines. They provide, apart from gorgeous pictures, good tips about getting useful contacts and how to travel long periods of time with children. (which is such a thing!)

Heinz Stücke

Heinz Stücke takes nomadic lifestyle to the extreme, and I am sure that for all of us that we have heard about him, we can not help but to feel a deep respect for him. In 1962, he left his hometown in Germany with the company of his bike. And since then, he hasn't come back. In these 45 years, Heinz has been around the world a couple of times pushing his bike, has visited almost all countries in the globe, and the story of his life is truly fascinating.

If you are interested in bike touring: round the world trips, years on the road... in this page you will find quite a lot of inspiring stories:

And still talking about bikes, if you are interested in planning a long trip with a bicycle, Ken Kifer's page is the perfect place. Years of trips and tours on two wheels made Ken accumulate a vast knowledge about the topic, which is shared in this page. Let this link also be a little homage and remembrance: Ken was killed by a drunk driver in 2003, while he was riding his bike a few metres away from his home.


I am sure that nomad4ever has one of the highest reputations for nomad bloggers on the internet, something not strange given the name he has chosen. In his blog, he is constantly sharing his advice based on his experiences as an ex-employee in Germany and as a happy nomad in Southeast Asia. Contains a good number of factual data that is quickly useful.

Bernard Cloutier

A demonstration that this lifestyle is not a property of the young ones at all. Bernard Cloutier, from Canada, at his 75 years old, has travelled to more than 200 countries (almost all), and keeps going, learning and documenting about all of them in this page. His method is to work 6 months and travel for 6 months. A method to be absolutely considered.

Kinga and Chopin

A Polish couple that decided to leave behind their routine lives to start their adventure of hitchhiking around the world. They have achieved it for many years, visiting almost everything visitable and gathering experiences and valuable advice in this website. The adventure became a tragedy in 2006, when Kinga died from malaria while travelling in Guinea. Let this comment be in his memory also.

In this page there are quite a lot of long travelling experiences and acquired knowledge. Its another of the many places gathering travel journals in a community environment. All of those that you know, and all of those that you will discover, contain valuable experiences, but I highlight this one for the freshness of its focus and proposal.

El Bert se'n va a Austràlia

And, humbly, my own blog, written in Catalan, where I explain all that I have been doing since I left my hometown, in Granollers, Catalonia, Spain, in the year 2006. From then, I have lived in Norway and Australia, and travelled to more than 20 countries. It is written as a diary to friends and family. Its objective is not to give advice or to provide practical information (there are a lot of pages to do that already), but surely from its experiences you can extract an interesting knowledge.

If you are into the 0,002% of the selected population who can understand catalan, you will be able to fully read it. Otherwise, you can still satisfy your curiosity for photographs of me and my family.

And many more...

If you know any other page that you think deserves to be listed here, please tell us using our contact form. Our objective is to make our database grow, and all of those who are trying to create an alternative lifestyle under the ideas exposed here has a place in this page.
This page, as all the other ones, is permanently under construction. If you have information that may be relevant to increase its usefulness, please tell us using the contact page. Thank you!

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